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Building a map that benefits everyone is a collaborative effort, and every contribution counts. With Navigate Maps, redeem rewards from your favorite brands with each upload.

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Get rewarded for capturing imagery your way, whenever you want, with devices you already own

You generate useful data each time you step outside. Whether you are in a car, riding a bike, hiking on foot, or flying a drone, you are capturing valuable imagery that is waiting to be discovered by others.

All too often we see companies being the only ones to profit off the hard work of their contributors -- leaving little in return for the people who helped along the way.

We want to be different. At Navigate, anyone can earn rewards for contributing to Navigate Maps—sharing the success of the platform and unlocking access for people everywhere to explore the new imagery and insights about the world.

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Share imagery, earn rewards, redeem products from your favorite brands. It’s as easy as that!

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With every contribution, earn Navigate points. Navigate points are your gateway to the Navigate Marketplace—which includes products from brands you love.


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