About Us

Redefining Navigation

We believe maps should be much more than just a way to get from point A to point B. Our platform allows users to create and explore maps with utility far beyond just traditional navigation—so everyone can discover more about the world. With Navigate Maps, we are redefining what navigating really means.

Our Mission

Provide people everywhere with a better understanding of our planet
by empowering a global community of explorers to share their experiences
as they navigate the world.

A World of

Navigate Maps enables every explorer to share their view of the world each time they step outside, allowing anyone to see the world through the lens of those who travel across it everyday.
People see the most recent version of our world for themselves every day. When they drive to work, fly their drone on the weekend, or bike to the park, they are capturing incredibly useful data that so many people, businesses, non-profits, and communities need, but can’t access.


Navigate unlocks the power of that data. It is where every journey becomes an opportunity for others to discover new insights, make smarter decisions, and explore the world in new ways.


Our Values

Building a community platform that powers a new data ecosystem




Building together

At Navigate, we believe that great things are built by community. Innovation does not happen in silos and we need each other to bring new discoveries to life. The Navigate community is filled with fellow explorers—those who want to tap into the potential of the data that surrounds us and shape new applications that transform how we see and experience the world.



A launchpad for innovation

Navigate is much more than just a repository of map data. We strive to be a driving force behind app innovation. By crowdsourcing data from people around the world, Navigate is building a new class of community-powered applications that will offer much more than what today’s software can provide.




Sharing ownership

We believe that everyone should be able to contribute to and co-create applications that have the potential to make a real impact in their communities. With Navigate, if you play an active role in creating a map of the world, you also become a co-owner of the platform and have a say in how your data is used to create a better understanding of our planet.


A Team That Believes In the Power Of Data

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