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Navigate Maps is not a traditional mapping application. It is an intelligent view of the world
that anyone can help power, grow, and discover.

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Navigating Maps
Beyond The Basics

Instead of focusing on traditional mapping features, Navigate Maps combines crowdsourced data and artificial intelligence to illuminate the world for those seeking a deeper understanding of our planet.


Visualizing the World
Like Never Before

With Navigate Maps, see the world through the lens of people who travel across it everyday. By exploring imagery captured by contributors around the globe, view map data in a way like never before.


Unlocking Insights
On A Global Scale

Gain an entirely new perspective on the planet by uncovering new and novel insights on an intelligent map. Whether it’s imagery from a drone or footage of a street, anyone can discover more about the world through Navigate Maps.

Understanding Our World Better

Navigate Maps is designed for individuals and enterprises seeking a deeper understanding of their surroundings. With advanced AI and fresh imagery of the world, uncover key insights into the spaces around you.

Why Navigate Maps - Background


Innovation in mapping is stagnant, and finding recent, high-quality data can be challenging. At Navigate, we provide intelligence in every direction, enabling you to discover more about the world than ever before


Accessing recent data about our world should not depend solely on a few large corporations. We believe that the people who explore the world every day are key to bringing you better data, faster.


Legacy maps often lack updated data, resulting in stale imagery of the world. By crowdsourcing imagery, Navigate is designed to continuously update with fresh data, resulting in a better map for everyone.

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Valuable map data is scattered everywhere, making it difficult to access. By combining imagery and tools from people around the world, Navigate Maps creates a comprehensive way to explore the world.


With high-resolution imagery captured from smartphones, dashcams, and drones, experience the world with a level of detail like never before.


Everyone deserves a fresh and intelligent view of the world. Gain access to novel data about our world for free, anytime, anywhere.


All of this shouldn't come at the lack of privacy. We apply AI to all crowdsourced imagery to ensure sensitive data points are blurred and privacy is protected.


It's Time To Explore Smarter, Not Harder

Navigate Maps will allows anyone, anywhere, anytime to:

  • Make smarter, faster decisions
  • See how the world is changing
  • Uncover new and unique insights
  • Discover more than ever before
  • New discoveries await.
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