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Telling The World’s Story
Through Shared Experiences
The World’s Adventures
Each time you explore spaces around you, you witness the freshest version of the world—a perspective many people need to gain a better understanding of our plant. We are looking for the world’s adventurers to share those perspectives and help radically change the way we see and discover the world.
Sharing New Perspectives
By contributing imagery to Navigate Maps, you not only provide individuals and businesses with an up-to-date view of the world, but with your view of the world—one that isn’t accessible anywhere else. Fresh and diverse imagery powers Navigate Maps, and each upload makes the map smarter.
Collectively Creating Impact
You may think the imagery you capture is not significant, but when combined with data from everyone else around the world, every contribution becomes an essential piece of the puzzle. Every journey you take becomes an opportunity for others to discover new insights about the world and make smarter decisions.
Let Your Devices
Earn For You
Exploring shouldn’t be expensive. Sign up for free and contribute with devices you already own—no upfront cost required.

Get the most out of your devices by capturing imagery as you explore the world around you. Whether you are capturing street-level footage or aerial imagery, use any camera to start earning rewards.
Street-Level Imagery
Reap The Benefits For Seeing The World
Each contributor plays a critical role in building a map that benefits everyone, so they deserve to get rewarded for it. Earn Navigate points for every Navigate Maps contribution to redeem rewards from your favorite brands.
Your Way
Whether you're a photographer, rideshare driver, professional drone pilot, or mapping enthusiast, there are many ways to capture fresh imagery. But no matter how you choose to contribute, you earn rewards for powering Navigate Maps.
Earn rewards while you
Key Drivers Of The
Navigate Ecosystem
Data Vaults

Powered by contributors, Navigate data vaults are the foundational building blocks of the Navigate Maps. Vaults are constantly-growing datasets populated and grown by contributors. As contributors submit imagery, data is:

- Run through a series of automated checks
- Manually reviewed by platform moderators
- Scrubbed of personally identifiable information
- Aggregated with pre-existing vault data
- Processed through the Navigate platform AI

Our Ecosystem

Contributors breathe life into the Navigate ecosystem by providing valuable data that powers and updates Navigate Maps. In turn, they build a better map for all.
Join the Navigate contributor community to create a better world, together.

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