The First Dapp
The First Dapp
To kickstart the ecosystem, Navigate plans to launch the first use case
and dapp – Navigate Maps – a global map fueled by the data its
community provides.
Navigate Maps
Navigate Maps will collect images captured by drones, dashcams, smart phones, go pros and more from Navigate users and stitch them together to create a new—and better—model of the world.
Rewarding users for their contributions, Navigate Maps will offer data sets that go far beyond those provided by mapping vendors today. It will give users access to ultra-high-definition aerial and ground imagery, surpassing traditional satellite-based map offerings on the web.
The Future of Navigate Dapps
The vision for Navigate Maps is just the beginning. Navigate will continue to introduce new features to enhance the value and experience of Navigate Maps. Over time, the number of dapps built on the Navigate platform will expand and new use cases will be widely available to the public.
Be a Contributor - Accepting Data Soon
Do you want to contribute data to Navigate’s first dapp?